Monday, February 7, 2011

quick bites - Funky Villa, e@Curve

There are times when I go to a place that I want to review, but don't manage to take pictures because I didn't bring a camera, or the lighting doesn't permit it, or for whatever other reason. So I'm starting a new series called "quick bites" which will have a quick review of the place, sans photos, but will hopefully still give useful information about the restaurant.

Anyway, Funky Villa is located at e@Curve, the newly (well, not so newly) renamed Cineleisure. The owners of the neighboring Curve decided to take over the running of the place after Cathay failed miserably to run the place properly. It still has one of the worst car parks around, but that's something they couldn't change I guess.

From the name, and the décor, you would never guess that this place actually serve Thai food, but it does. They've got a good set lunch that starts from RM9.90 and if I'm not mistaken doesn't go above RM18 or so. Good value for money. I've tried it before and it's pretty good.

This time we decided to try stuff a la carte this time, ordering pomelo salad, crispy fish tom yam, green curry chicken, basil fried beef, salted egg squid, Thai otak-otak and morning glory (vegetable).

The pomelo salad was good, lots of pomelo with chicken and prawns in a nice sour and slightly spicy dressing, while the otak-otak arrived in a large coconut. It was excellent and the coconut was a nice different way of serving it rather than the usual leaves they usually cook it in.

Green curry is one of the things I always order at Thai restaurants, and this one didn't disappoint. Creamy and savory, it definitely was up to standard, and the basil fried beef arrived as beef slices with whole basil leaves and some vegetables, that dish wasn't extraordinary but it still tasted good anyway. I like how they use basil in Thai cooking. It imparts a very nice flavor to the food, especially meats.

I didn't try the squid since I don't eat it, the tom yam was good, though. Most people order seafood tom yam because they want the prawns and squid and stuff, we elected to try out the crispy fish instead, and we weren't disappointed.

I definitely have to mention also that the service was excellent, the waitress was attentive and friendly, and helped us with our orders and was efficient with refills and other requests.

Funky Villa is a comfortable, friendly place with pretty good Thai food, the décor may be slightly questionable but hey, if you're not rolling in the big bucks or celebrating some fancy dinner, you probably wouldn't be eating at a place simply for the décor, would you?

Food:     8/10
Drink:     8/10
Service:  9/10

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