Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Speedy update

Thank God that Speedy has had his operation done successfully and now he's recovering at Gasing Veterinary Hospital.

For those who aren't in the know yet - Speedy ate something sometime unknown to us, I came home from work on Friday to see vomit all over the floor, and some strange-looking hard plastic or metal object lying in one of the pools of vomit. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was, but it was quite large and certainly wouldn't fit down my throat if I tried it. I cleaned up and didn't think any more of it until he continued vomiting a few more times the rest of the day. He certainly wasn't really looking himself and was quite lethargic.

After coming back after midnight from a friend's birthday celebration, he was even more lethargic, and refused to eat any food and just lay collapsed in his bed. That was certainly what made us panic, we called up the Veterinary Hospital and rushed him there. The vet x-rayed him and saw another piece of that foreign object still stuck in his intestine. His advice was to observe him and hopefully he would either vomit or poop it out. By the way, consultation after midnight incurs a RM200 surcharge on top of the regular bill.

Saturday, and we were hoping that Speedy would improve and actually improve more. By night time, we could see that he was actually not getting any better, he didn't play with the other doggies, and he only had some wet food and promptly vomited it all back out after a while. By Sunday we could tell his condition was deteriorating rapidly so we rushed him to the hospital again. He was checked in and put on drips (he hadn't eaten for 2 days by then). They said they would probably try a barium test on Monday to see if they could see where the blockage was, and then maybe operate on Tuesday.

Monday came around and we asked the vet to just x-ray first and see if they could find it, without needing to do barium, as that would take up a lot more time. They did and thank God they saw the foreign object on the x-ray, enabling them to make a precise cut and remove the object. The intestine was already inflamed, and they had to remove 1.5" of it.

Thankfully they got to it in time, if they hadn't the intestine would have soon ruptured, and would most likely have killed him.

Speedy is now recovering in the hospital and he's in good spirits, although weak. Keep praying for his full and speedy recovery (sorry, bad pun, couldn't resist).

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