Tuesday, September 6, 2011

of beginnings and endings

And so, just like that, my summer break ends, and a new academic year is upon us. IGCSE results have been posted, and although there were some nice surprises, I don't think the results were as good as I would have liked them to be. Nevertheless, everybody passed, which was more than I thought would happen, so hopefully this years batch will be better. We can only hope.

This past summer holiday has been good. I managed to laze around a fair bit and still got work done. I didn't manage to create any new recipes though, sadly enough. I did, however, find a new good place to eat... and remembered another one from last time that still was good. I will post about El Fresco Jaya Grocer and Andes BYO some other time, though, if I find the time.

This summer also marked the end of my World of Warcraft subscription. Blizzard, it's been a good 4 1/2 years (has it really been that long?) but all things must come to an end, and as they have been listening to the hardcore gamers more and more and neglecting the casual gamers like me a fair bit, it was only right to finally pull the plug. What am I playing now, you ask? I eagerly await Mass Effect 3 and Diablo 3, but in the meantime, I've been playing a combination of Torchlight, Dragon Age 2, Civilization 5 and Football Manager 2011. If Blizzard does come up with another expansion I might consider going back, but we'll see.

Finally, Unifi has arrived at my place. We have been harping at them for not bringing it here, right in the heart of PJ, especially since Streamyx service had gone down the drain. I'm happy to say that it is finally here!

Oh, and let me introduce you to the latest (possibly temporary) addition to our furry family. Please welcome Happy!

Yes he as a Jack Russell Terrier. And you know, two JRTs don't double your problems, they quadruple them. I never knew how true that statement was until I actually had two JRTs. But he's an adorable furball of goofiness and naughtiness.

Story about how we found him later on.

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