Thursday, June 16, 2011

and June winds down

it's been a busy month. Lots to do at work, and in church and my personal life as well.

On a stranger note, we just picked up a dog, a Jack Russell terrier who was wandering along the road in Mutiara Tropicana, he was on the verge of getting run over, so we stopped by the roadside and picked him up. He's a cute fellow, we're going to try to find his owners. Right now we're trying to guess his name too, he doesn't seem trained at all, and none of the names we use seem to work on him. At first, the name Ah Wong seemed to work, but now we figure it was probably his excitement that caused him to respond.

And then, just as I thought that things in the NHL would get rosy again, with the Vancouver Canucks powering their way to the Stanley Cup finals, they go and lose in the most infuriating fashion. Blown out in their own home ice? I bet the commissioner who's pro-US and anti-Canadian had something to do with it. The refereeing simply was abysmal through the series, always favoring the Bruins. Oh well, four Canadian teams made it to the finals in the past few years, all failed. Good on you, commissioner Bettman, you really shouldn't be working in a Canadian game.

Latest restaurant tried - Mai Ramen. Review will come next time when I bring a camera. If I remember.

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